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Purchase a Community wheelchair-access bus for the elderly:
The lived experience of elderly people who now feel their life is completed, and life is no longer worth living, They stay at home, lonely and with no friends or family to support them.

We want to be able to give them a new lease on life with free travel, making new friends give them a boast to feel alive again. Something to look forward to each week by assisting with shopping, socialising, and travel:

Far too often, the elderly are neglected and left unattended in their private homes, where they give up living and just pass on.
A free bus service where the elderly can have a new lift in life to day travel, go shopping and feel safe with the security of having help, they will go places where they can remember the good old days and see the changes in society,

Society has forgotten the elderly and has left them behind, The younger generation no longer thinks of their elders but just themselves, we need to start looking after the elderly.

We want the elderly to enjoy what is left of their life by giving them a free bus service, the company of others with our volunteer members helping them

Make it easy with wheel chair access
This bus costs $59.900 and we want it please help us to get it