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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islande viewers are advised that the following programs contains images and voices of the people who have died

Aboriginal Movies and Documentaries

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The Australian Wars
The Sapphires
First Australians

Tiriki Onus finds a 70-year-old film believed to be made by his grandfather, Aboriginal leader and filmmaker Bill Onus. Tiriki pieces together the film’s origins and discovers more about Bill’s fight for Aboriginal rights.

A short 30 minute movie on how it should be and is a 1986 Australian satirical film on relations between Aboriginal Australians and Australians of European descent.
Babakiueria revolves around a role-reversal, whereby it is Aboriginal Australians who have invaded and colonised the fictitious country of Babakiueria, a land that has long been inhabited by white natives, the Babakiuerians.

series documentary
The 1788 arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney results in cautious friendships being formed between the First Australians and the British Empire. Yet within three years, relations sour as settlers spread out across the land.

1. They Have Come To Stay
2. Her Will To Survive
3. Freedom For Our Lifetime
4. There Is No Other Law
5. An Unhealthy Government Experiment
6. A Fair Deal For A Dark
7. We Are No Longer Shadows