Edward (Black Ned) Tomlins

Edward (Black Ned) Tomlins
Tipora Iwikatea (Edwards partner) Ngati Pahauwera
Edward Tomlins was born at Cape Barren Island in 1813 to Samuel Tomlins and a woman who George Robertson of the Tasmanian Aboriginal mission gives as or Bull.Rub, Bullroe, Bulra and Boolroi. (Plomley 1966:1002) 
Edward was baptised at Launceston, on January 22nd 1819. (Tipping 1988:197)

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(Plomley 1966:1002)


BIOGRAPHIES of PEOPLE living in or visiting BASS STRAIT to 1850

Ned Tomlins (described as half-caste), son of Samuel Tomlins and Poolrerrener [AKA Bullrub/Bullrow/Bullroe/Bulra “Mother” at Cape Portland, and Edwards half sister named Jumbo.

Known as “Ned”, or “Black Ned”, Edward became one of the most notable whalers from the mixed-race sealing communities of Bass Strait and Kangaroo Island, along with George Morrison, Samuel Harrington and Thomas Chaseland. Whaling took Ned as far afield as New Zealand’s landing at Mohaka whaling station Hawke’s Bay.

Here is where he partnered up with Tepora Iwikatea of the Ngati Pahauwera.